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Who We Are

Centre for Enterprise Development and Innovation (CEDI) is a national non-profit organization registered in 2016 by the NGO Coordination Board. CEDI has 4 programs: Enterprise Development, Livelihoods, Education and Climate Change, and is currently active in 4 regions of Kenya; Nairobi, Nyanza, Western and Coast. Our programs primarily target underprivileged children, women and the youth. We have our sights set on alleviating poverty among marginalized communities in Kenya through education, social protection and safety nets, innovation, and enterprise development

Thematic Areas

Enterprise Development

CEDI in collaboration with experts from various fields, seasoned trainers and experienced entrepreneurs, offers several business development services targeting youth and women led Micro Small and Medium Enterprises. These include entrepreneurship and business plan development, business coaching and mentorship, tax consultancy and training, feasibility studies, linkages to financial services and markets.

Education Program

Development of childhood and Youth interventions In the community, private and public primary schools, senior schools and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions. Initiatives include imparting financial capability and entrepreneurial skills, and promotion of inclusive Education and Child safeguarding

Climate Change Resilience

The negative effects of Climate change will disproportionately be felt more by developing countries such as Kenya and their poor populations living in rural unconnected locations, we work to consistently address the climate change challenges within our programs. With the help of our partners, we channel resources to innovative interventions that have the highest potential of adapting to and mitigating climate change in the communities we serve. Our interventions have included working with MSMEs on the promotion of green enterprises and technologies, working with smallholder farmers to promote the adaptation of climate-friendly farming practices, and working with the community and public learning institutions to expand tree planting initiatives.

Livelihoods Support

Promote the achievement of sustainable Livelihoods through capacity building & Vocational skills, and mentorship programmes Targeting the youth and women amongst Marginalized communities.

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Enterprise & Innovation

SMEs are of crucial importance for local economic development in Kenya and East Africa in general. The sector remains main source of job creation and social stability with 90% of all enterprises are SMEs providing employment to over 60% of the total employed population in Kenya. Despite the awareness, SME sector is relatively underdeveloped with limited access to capital is an important factor that constraints further development of the SME sector.


The challenges facing SMEs that CEDI seeks to address include;
• Limited access to markets
• Climate Change
• Technological Disruptions
• Lack of entrepreneurial skills

Our Impact as at Dec 6th 2020:

Through the support of our generous partners, committed team and dedicated community collaborators. Since 2016, Our interventions have and continue to improve livelihoods, provide social safety nets, and alleviate poverty among communities we work with. Some of our key achievements include;

  • Development of an internationally accredited and child friendly financial capability curriculum for early childhood learning and young people.
  • Inculcation of financial capability and entrepreneurial mindset to 4,031 children (9 – 15 years old) in 4 public schools.
  • Development of 4 social enterprises in 4 public schools, meeting demand of essential goods for the school and neighbouring communities in rural parts of Western Kenya.
  • Training of 168 Teachers and Headteachers, and 1,192 parents on child friendly schools, financial capabilities and child safeguarding at home and school in Western Kenya.
  • 12 youth groups (of young people aged between 17 and 28) registered as self-help groups with relevant authorities.
  • Creation of sustainable dairy farming for 144 smallholder women farmers in rural parts of Eastern Kenya.
  • Supported 13 youth and women welfare groups access finance and procurement opportunities from Youth Enterprise Fund, and county governments of Siaya, Homa Bay and Kisumu counties.
  • Creation and sustenance of 27 community-based enterprises for young people in urban slums in Western Kenya.a
  • Supported the reenrolment and admission of 22 males and 16 females into TVETs institutions to pursue and strengthen skilling in various technical and vocational programmes.
  • Supported the placement of 146 young people into apprenticeship and paid employment with different organizations and companies in the country.

We equally owe our success to the strong partnerships and alliances with various key government departments, private and local civil society who share in our common interests and work.

Our Partners

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