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Ambitious Pupils Take Bold Step towards Realizing ‘Lunch Dream’

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Ambitious Pupils Take Bold Step towards Realizing ‘Lunch Dream’

In Kudho Primary School, one of our partner schools in Kisumu County, class 5 pupils have drawn inspiration from My Money to make a smart investment, that of growing their own school garden. Towards the end of the 2nd school term, a total of 65 pupils came together and resolved to each make a financial contribution of KES 10 from their weekly savings. They managed to raise a total of KES 650, which they used to acquire cowpea seeds for the garden. Cowpeas are a popular vegetable variety often known locally as ‘kunde’. As John Gaunya, one of the pupils involved in making the project a success, noted, “The project was small for a start, but it has thus far exceeded our expectations. A number of parents and local community members are now using our school garden to meet some of their vegetable needs, thereby helping us raise some money for the project’s expansion.” The pupils say their ultimate objective is to be able to take care of their school’s lunch needs. Gaunya went on to say, “Each one of us does something to take care of this garden on a daily basis. Some of us help water the vegetables, while others do the weeding. We often do this during our games break to ensure we do not disrupt our daily class routine. With more support from well-wishers, we believe we can expand the garden to include more vegetable varieties, eventually achieving our ultimate goal of meeting our school’s lunch needs.”

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