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‘Intrapreneurship’ as the Bedrock of Entrepreneurship

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‘Intrapreneurship’ as the Bedrock of Entrepreneurship

While we all agree that not everyone has the guts, the passion, or even the luck to make it as an entrepreneur, it is our firm belief that practically anyone can be entrepreneurial, if only they can learn to cultivate an innovative state of mind. Here at CEDI, we work to foster an entrepreneurial way of thinking among Kenyan youth, urged along by our conviction that if the right skills are taught to individuals from the early stages in school, the end result will be a society equipped with the essential workplace skills needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive world, whether such individuals end up employed or self-employed. As Mr. Lutz Ziob, dean of 4Afrika Academy at Microsoft, observes in a 2016 article titled ‘Intrapreneurship’ is the future driver of Africa’s development, the requisite foundation skills for entrepreneurial success “ … encompass basic abilities such as reading, numerical literacy, speaking and listening; thinking skills including critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making; people skills such as communication, negotiation, leadership, and collaboration; and personal qualities such as self-esteem, time management, and accountability.”