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My Money Project

My Money Project: Promoting Financial Capabilities among children in primary schools

At CEDI, we are convicted that ending the cycle of poverty requires developing a financially savvy mindset right from early childhood into adulthood. From 2017, CEDI has been implementing a program on financial capability dubbed ‘My Money’ and strengthening capacities of schools to promote child safeguarding in underprivileged areas in Kisumu and Migori counties of Western Kenya. My Money is a project that aims at inculcating innovative money and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in children and young people to ensure their readiness for success in a competitive world. This program has so far impacted over 4,000 primary school children and 150 primary school teachers directly. The program has seen children in our partner schools develop positive financial habits and behaviors, both at school and within their homes. All our partner schools have developed self-initiatives entrenched on saving culture and include a pupil-run My Money shop and school gardens.