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My Money Club Elections

My Money Club Elections

CEDI continues to deliver on its promise of teaching Financial Capability Skills to over 4,000 children in Kenya. From the beginning of the year 2020 up to this far, the project has made great strides in terms of fostering financial capability skills, strengthening school child safeguarding systems, and furthering conversations with stakeholders in the Ministry of Education and the Department of Children Services to embed the program into the national educational system.

As the stakeholders own my Money Program, the start of the year saw a stakeholder’s strategy and planning meeting on 8th and 9th Feb 2020 to share on the 2019 lessons and findings and improve the gaps and recommendations to better the program. The sessions, each held in Kisumu and Migori counties, were graced by Parents, Pastors, Teachers, Head teachers, school Board of Management Members (BoM), PTA Representatives, Local leaders, and Youths from neighboring communities. The stakeholders appreciated the rationale of teaching financial skills at the early stages of child development so that they grow up into responsible citizens. Similarly, there was a need to improve the capacity of teachers to provide an accommodative, inclusive, and friendly environment where children feel loved, protected, and safe.


October 23, 2020


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