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Stakeholder Consultative & Planning Meeting

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Stakeholder Consultative & Planning Meeting

Lesson Learn

Program Awareness: It was quite noting to learn that most parents and some local residents are aware of the My Money Program. This was as a result of the My Money Shop which serves the pupils in the school and the local residents living around the school, who both, are able to get supply of stationary, sanitary towels, and other basic necessities. The strategy meeting further deepened their understanding of the My Money project, its objectives and intended goals.

Parents Passion on Safeguarding: The series of child accidents in schools have made news over the recent few days. Parents and teachers expressed utmost keenness on the program’s accommodation of safeguarding children while at school. It was evident that parents are very keen on trusting the school systems to protect the child’s health and well being while in school. My Money program is anchored on child safeguarding, building the capacity of teachers and school systems to adequately safeguard children.

CBC and My Money: Quite compelling is the teachers’ expression of the striking correlation that exists between the Competency Based curriculum and My Money. The Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) developed by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development in 2017 puts emphasis on acquisition of skills and competencies, and the application of those acquired competencies to solve real life situations.  Currently being tested in Grade 1 to Grade 4, teachers present were keen to highlight the shared values, competencies and subject relations that exist between the CBC and My Money.

Scaling to Higher Levels: The parents and religious leaders present agreed on the notion that children begin to interact with money at such tender ages. For example, a child in Grade 2 knows the identity of the new currency notes and equally knows the powers that money wield. As such, without proper controls and mechanisms in place, these children become young adults who lack proper financial education and skills. Therefore, there is a need to scale up the project to higher learning institutions like TVETs, Colleges and Secondary schools.

Actions Plans

My Money Committee Meetings: The teachers agreed to hold at least one MMC Meeting every two weeks. The Minutes of such meetings shall be timely shared with CEDI. For a start, the schools would hold their first MMC meetings before the Refresher training, that is, before 15th Feb, 2020.

MM Refresher: As new teachers had joined the program, and also the need to recap on the program, Re fresher training has been agreed on this coming weekend. This is to further boost the capacity of the teachers to deliver on MM curriculum that was not completed last year third term. The scheduled dates are 15th and 16th Feb, 2020 in Kisumu and Migori respectively.

CEDI County Volunteer: In a bid to improve efficiency and share key lessons, CEDI volunteer in each county shall be attending MM Committee meetings in each school in their respective counties.

Social Platform: A social platform on Whatsapp has been created to foster sharing of learnings and updates on the program. The platform accommodates My Money Committee members, The Head teachers, and CEDI Program Staff.

My Money Calendar: CEDI shared proposed activity dates and My Money work plan for 2020. Through an open plenary, the work plan was harmonized to accommodate school important calendars. The work plan shall be printed and shared with the My Money Committee in the upcoming Refresher training.


Government Stakeholders: Because of the short timings and the delayed disbursement of the project funding, it was not easy to involve government representatives from the Ministry of Education to attend the meetings. However, conversations and contacts have been made with Department of Children services and Kisumu County Education Officers.

Activity timings: In Migori County, a good number subscribe to the Seventh Day Activist faith, which means Saturday is their day of religion for which no activity should be carried out. Stakeholders involved suggested having proceeding activities, like meeting teachers from both schools, done on a Sunday. However, this does not affect the My Money Committee meetings, My Money Delivery and the upcoming My Money Club activities.


October 23, 2020


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