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Supporting Virtual Delivery of My Money Lessons

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Supporting Virtual Delivery of My Money Lessons

Due to the impact of covid19, the government in March 2020 issued a directive to close all learning institutions in Kenya. This action disrupted the learning of over 18 Million learners countrywide. The Ministry of Education has been forced to embrace out of classroom learning through TVs, Radio and digital platforms. While such learning may take place in major urban areas, for children in remote & underprivileged households, learning remains a challenge. This is primarily due to poor network connectivity, internet costs, lack of access to smartphones and electricity.

In July 2020, CEDI conducted a rapid online survey entitled Teachers’ perspectives on the impact of covid19 on learning and child safety in Migori and Kisumu Counties. The survey aimed at capturing ‘of the moment’ feedback from teachers, who happen to be on the frontline of education. The survey also focused on understanding overall confidence in schools’ ability to support virtual learning, as well as creating insights into how to better support teachers, parents and pupils in this new era.

The school closures halted implementation of My Money curriculum for both upper and lower primary school levels. Similarly, school environment provides safe haven for children, and source of nutritional supplements, which they now lack access to. These factors, coupled with Beneficiary feedback informed the need to undertake virtual learning, not only to continue learning but also reach out pupils and parents.


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