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Challenges faced at both the business and community levels cannot be readily solved using a traditional approach. Their complexity often demands unique and well-thought-out solutions that are often difficult and expensive to perceive. CEDI strives to speed up the process of finding such unique and innovative solutions. In partnership with experienced entrepreneurs, experts in various business and science fields, as well as government and community leaders, CEDI provides a platform built to challenge and improve business models with a view to finding improved and more efficient ways of delivering desired results in the quest to solve some of society’s most enduring challenges.


MSafisha is a social and economic empowerment project targeting domestic workers. The project rides on a mobile software application that aims to link domestic workers with prospective employers with a view to providing them (domestic workers) with opportunities to find work, set and earn fair wages, and be a part of a sustainable and decent work ecosystem.

The overarching objective of the project is to increase the levels of income for marginalized domestic workers and enable them lead a dignified life.

Domestic Workers Training in Nairobi
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