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Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine: Caregiving and Safeguarding of Children with Disabilities in Nairobi Informal Settlements

Children with disabilities are at a higher risk of violence, abuse or exploitation due to the multiple barriers that prevent them from protecting themselves or reporting incidents of abuse. CEDI and a local partner, The Action Foundation are implementing a project to enhance school enrolment and transition to early childhood education to children with disabilities living under extreme poverty in Nairobi’s informal settlements through responsive caregiving and enhancing their safety and protection. The project is working with 400 children, 8 community schools and 200 caregivers in Kibra and Kawangware settlements. The project supports the partner community schools to building on child protection and strengthening of child protection systems in the schools and the community. The schools have been able to develop child safeguarding policies and teachers trained on child safeguarding and protection. Equally embedded in promoting child safeguarding and inclusive education, the school community has been empowered on creating an enabling and accommodative environment where children feel loved, appreciated, protected and with a sense of belonging.